Are We?

Ultra-Precision Structured Surfaces (UPS2) Ltd produce optical quality patterned rollers and flat master surfaces for UV casting, imprint, embossing and injection molding.

For over 10 years our products have been used to manufacture Optical Films, Lighting and Luminaires, Display system films, Optical security patterns for currency and brand protection as well as solar concentration film, light management film and packaging film with superior optical efficiency and world leading quality of pattern fidelity and finish.

We invite existing and new customers to visit us to see our facilities

Where Do We Specialise?

Optical Film

Light Management film
Solar concentrator film
BEF Film
Radial Fresnel
Linear Fresnel
Diffractive films
Micro-Lens Array film

Roll-2-Roll converting masters

Converting Origination
Decorative packaging
Radial and Linear Fresnel
Low coat weight masters
Micro Lens array film
Injection mold inserts
Seamless patterned rolls
Optical quality >1m web

OVD Security currency foil mastering

High security mastering
OVD origination rolls
Micro-lens array film
Ultra Precision optical film
Micro Lens array film
Brand protection
Embedded security
Integral print lens arrays